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Program Studi : Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris - S1



The objectives of the research entitled “An Analysis of Students’ Difficulties in Translating English Text into Indonesian” (A case Study at the Second Grade Students of SMA Darul Falah Cihampelas) are to know the difficulties and the method in translating English text into Indonesian made by the students.

In this research, the writer used descriptive qualitative method and ex-post facto design. The population in this research is 30 students of the second grade students of SMA Darul Falah Cihampelas and the sample is entire of population. The data were collected from students’ translation test by using instrument two items of translation test and questionnaire (consist of ten questions). The data were analyzed based on the questionnaire and the students’ errors category, related to vocabulary compatibility, word order, and composition, by using Sudijono’s theory (2009:43): .

The result of this research showed that in translating English text into Indonesian, the students made errors in their work, commonly in composition (35,9%), followed by vocabulary (34,5%), and word order (29,6%).

Based on questionnaire analysis, the writer found that 56,6% of students used free translation method, 36,6% used word for word, and 6,8% used literal translation method. 56,8% of students have difficulties to find the right or the best meaning of the text, 26,6% of students lack of vocabulary, and 16,6% of students didn’t know how to arrange the right sentence.


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