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Program Studi : Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris


Identified as the core skill, the importance of reading is undeniable for two reasons. First, reading is a receptive skill yet people get a lot of information and knowledge through reading. Secondly, reading is a basic for more advanced skill that is writing. However,  the performance of reading comprehension differs from one learner to others. This study investigated the influence of gender and language learning strategy (LLS) preferences towards students’ reading comprehension. The participants of this study are 155 students in 9th grade of SMP N 9 Cimahi which divided into 68 males and 87 females. Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL) proposed by Oxford (1990) and reading comprehension tests were used as the instruments. Employing causal comparative method, two way ANOVA was used in exploring 1) the differences between male and female in reading comprehension, 2) the difference between all of type LLS in reading comprehension, and 3) the interaction between gender and LLS towards reading comprehension.  This study also examines what LLS that most frequently used. To sum up, social strategy is the most prefer used by both male and female students. Statistically significant difference is not found both in gender (p= 0.133 > 0.005) and LLS (p=0.450 > 0.005). Indeed, there is also no significant difference in their interaction with regard to reading comprehension (p=0.103 > 0.005).

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