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The objectives of the research entitled “An analysis of intrinsic elements and moral values from ‘kung fu panda2’ the movie” are to analyze the intrinsic elements and moral values. The method of this research is descriptive qualitative method. The instruments are the movie file downloaded and the script of ‘Kung Fu Panda2’ the movie. To find out intrinsic elements the writer used Muller’s and Williams’s theory (1994: 80-83). The results are; theme : “a Panda named Po save kung fu and China from his enemy a peacock nemed Shen”. Plot: exposition: “Po is now living his dream as the Dragon Warrior, protecting the Valley of Peace. Rising Action: “Po spots the eye emblem on his tail feathers again and shields his eyes, barely resisting another flashback”. Climax: “Po and Shen are fighting”. Falling action: “Po sees the coming danger and runs for the ship’s bow. Shen looks up, sees the cannon and closes his eyes as his creation crashes down on himself”. Resolution : “a smiling Tigress puts her paw to Po’s shoulder as the masters watch the show. Po saved China”. Chacacters: Po (main protagonist) and Shen (main antagonist). Language Style used American English. Point of view is 3rd Person. So far, the writer only found 10 from 14 moral values in the movie; they were responsibility (4%), bravery (28%), steadfastness (10%) , diligence (6%), sympathetic to other (4%), thankfulness (4%), never give up (3%), honesty (10%), love (10%), and care (28%) based on Buzan’s theory (2003:29). All the moral values are very important to be applied in human’s life.

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