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Program Studi : Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris


English as an International language is used all over the world. English has an important role as a media of communication in creating relationship, exchanging information and of course in interacting with other people. The objective of the research entitled “The effectiveness of Snowball throwing to improve students’ vocabulary at Fourth Grade of SDN CimahiMandiri 3” was to find out the effectiveness of using Snowball throwing in elementary school. The research design used was a quasi experiment study and randomized pretest and Posttest control group design. The population of this research was 60 of two classes’ fourth grade students of SDN CimahiMandiri 3 and the sample of the research was entire populations which were divided into two groups (4A as control class group and 4B as experimental group). Each of them consisted of 30 students. The instrument of this research was pretest and Posttest. The data of this research were collected data by giving pretest and Posttest to the student’s sample. The collected data were analyzed by using t-test formula. The results of the data analysis showed that: the mean score pretest of experimental class was 83.33 and the mean score of Posttest of experimental class was 97 while mean score pretest of control class was 86.33 and mean score Posttest of control class was 88.67, the t table with degree of freedom (df) 59 and level of significance at 5 % (0.05) used Sig 2 tailed was 0.000. Based on the data analysis above the alternative hypothesis was accepted because the tvalue was higher than ttable(53.074 > 0.000). It also meant that Snowball throwing was effective to improving students’ vocabulary.


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